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In the world of herbs
Soapnuts are nature's equivalent to soap

Soapberries also called as Soapnuts are the most sustainable cleaning product in the world.

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What Neem can't do?

Neem is the most versatile herb used in the world because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

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Indigo-Green that gives Black

An all-natural hair colorant made from Indigo plants that imparts a rich black color when used with Henna

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Henna? Or hair elixier?

Henna has been used since the Bronze Age to color skin, hair and fingernails. Henna's colouring properties are due to Lawson, a burgundy organic compound

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A utensil scrub that does't reach the dump yard

Made from all natural compostable,bio-degradable coconut coir fibres. This is the perfect alternative to plastic and steel utensil scrubs

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Natural is luxury,so is this divine bath powder

Made with 13 herbs, you cant miss this grandma's secret recipe bath powder which is a perfect alternative to lye based soaps in the market

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