The only scrub that doesn't reach the dump yard !

Coconut is called as 'Kalpavruksha', the ever giving tree. The world today is recognizing the benefits that coconut can offer. Inspired by the age old use of cocnut fibre as a scrubber, we have designed a utensil scrub for the modern world without ignoring the convenience of the product and focusing on the environmental adaptabilty and eco-friendly quality in it. Every utensil scrub ,that is made of plastic fibres donot get recycled. They direcltly reach the garbage dump yard putting a strain on the planet. In Bengaluru alone, 300000 utensil scrubs reach the plastic dumping grounds. This product is an effort to replace those utensil scrubs.

Benefits of Coconut Utensil Scrub :

Completely Bio-degradable, Compostable

No plastic

100% Natural

Handmade by rural women

Made with Coconut fibre

Does not leave plastic peaces in your utensils