The Magic Turmeric

Kasturi Manjal is mild yellow herb grown in Indian sub-continet. One such nature’s treasure is the glow enhancing herb “Kasturi Manjal” , which has been used for centuries in India as a natural Ayurvedic beauty product. Kasturi Manjal belongs to the Turmeric or Curcuma family, which is known for its health augmenting properties and skin care benefits, and the glow enhancing herb is primarily used for cosmetic purposes. Kasturi Manjal is yellow in colour with a bitter taste and Camphor-like aroma. Among its numerous properties, the magical spice is an excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-aging agent.

In addition to these properties, what makes Kasturi Manjal so valuable for your beauty rituals is that it can be used for any skin type: acne prone skin, normal to dry skin, tanned or pigmented skin, and in fact it’s safe to apply on the skin of babies as well.

How to use Kasturi Manjal as per your skin type?

The powder of fresh Kasturi Manjal can be blended with various ingredients, as per your skin type, for best results:

Normal to Dry Skin– Blend Kasturi Manjal with milk or full cream. When applied all over the skin at least twice a week, this hydrates as well as restores glowing skin. This is also a great ritual if you’re considering how to remove tan in the summer.

Normal to Oily Skin – Make a paste of Kasturi Manjal,a teaspoon of Rosewater to apply as a mask all over the face. The antioxidant properties of Kasturi Manjal combined with the soothing, balancing and citrus properties of Rosewater help to tame excess oil production and keep dullness at bay.

Acne Prone Skin: Kasturi Manjal possesses antibacterial properties which help preventing acne while its natural lightening qualities help fade away post acne scars as well. Add to a teaspoon of fresh yogurt to make a revitalizing facial mask.