WhatNeemcan't do?

Anti-bacterial, anti -fungal herb

In India, neem is a sacred tree. The leaves are used in the festival of Ugadi along with jaggery, depicting life as a mixture of bitterness and sweetness. In ayurveda, Neem has been cited for its sundry health benefits and curative properties. It contains bio-active compounds like Nimbidin, Nimbin and anti-microbial properties. In fact, Neem tree has been acknowledged as the Wonder Tree because each part of the tree from its leaves,bark,seeds,flowers to its fruits exudes benefial properties that can be used for different skin care properties.

Benefits of Neem :

The benefits of Neem are so vast and versatile. It can cure, heel and soothe the human body ailments.

According to texts in Ayurveda : Neem is cooling, pungent,bitter vata increasing,antimicrobial, healing, pitta and kapha balancing and good for skin.

In skin care : It is used in skin and hair care for its cleanising and healing properties.

How to use Neem for skin and hair?

Neem powder is made by drying and grinding neem leaves. It can be used in various ways to improve skin and hair.

For face:Neem powder has anti-bacterial properties which is good for people with acne and pimple-prone skin. Mix neem powder with curd and apply as face pack regularly. This will eventually reduce the appearance of breakouts and pimples.If you are suffering from dark spots, blemishes and pigmented skin, apply neem powder mixed with honey to get a clear, even skin tone.Neem powder can also control excess oil secretion. If you have a very oily face, take some neem powder mixed with besan flour and rose water and apply all over face. Wash off after 15 minutes. This will help reduce sebum and oil production.

For hair:Neem powder is also very effective in treating dandruff and itchy scalp. Add some neem powder to your regular hair pack or make a hair pack using neem powder and yoghurt to get rid of dandruff and itchiness. This is also an effective lice treatment.For a natural purifying scalp treatment, add some lemon juice to neem powder and olive oil and massage your scalp with it. The antibacterial effects of neem will deep purify your scalp. Neem powder also stimulates hair growth and reduces hairfall when used regularly.

For body:Neem powder can be used during manicure and pedicure as a scrub to cleanse and prevent nail / toe fungal infections.Applying neem powder underarms acts as a natural deodorant.

Other uses:Neem powder can be used as an insecticide and pesticide . Just dissolve some neem powder in water and spray over plants.