Nature's Soapnut

All round cleaner

Soapberries also called as Soapnuts are the most sustainable cleaning product in the world. They are an all-natural, plant-based product, just a nut from a tree. And there are countless uses making them sustainable and versatile.The soap berry comes from the Soapberry Tree (Sapindus mukorossi). The trees produce the small berry that is deseeded and the shell is dried prior to use.The shells contain saponin, which works as a natural surfactant. Soapnuts can be used as laundry detergents and also in personal ccare products like soaps,shampoos, body wash, toothpaste, pet shampoo, jewelry cleaner and many others. Every time you choose a natural alternative like the soapberry, you choose better health for your family and a cleaner planet.

Benefits of Soapnuts

Save Water: They rinse easier so require less water.

Non-polluting: 100% biodegradable and safe for gray water systems.


Sustainable:: It's a renewable resource, easily grown organically.

All Natural: No harmful ingredients.

How to use Soapnnuts?

Soapnuts can be used as versatile cleaning product for skin, hair and household.

Hair cleanser : Make a paste of soapnut powder with water in a bottle. Add a glass of water and shake to make an instant foamy soapnut cleanser.

Hair pack : Make a paste of soapnut powder with aloevera and curd. Apply to scalp and rinse with water.

Face : Make a paste with soapnnut and aloevera. Apply on the face and gently scrub to remove dirt and grease.

Jewellery cleaner : Add a teaspoon of Kamalu Soapnut powder to a cup of water. Shake the mixture in a bottle to form a foamy soap to clean all precious jewellery of gold and silver.